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Fri 13 May 2016


1. The illusion of space


Spend some time reorganising your rooms to make the best possible use of the space. This

can involve reorganising the furniture or building shelves to help tidy away clutter. Also be ruthless and do throw clutter away.


2. Be your own gardener


You don’t need to employ a gardener or landscaper to spruce up your garden. Simply mowing

the lawn, tidying up the patio or planting some flowers brightens up your garden, and this is always a draw for buyers.



3. Be energy efficient.


Fitting your home with energy efficient appliances can add value to your home by promising

to knock the costs of bills. With a huge variety of new products on the market for this, it’s increasingly becoming a key feature for new homes


4. Deep clean


Fixtures and fittings that look tired and in need of replacing can be brought to life again with a deep clean. Even the tidiest of home owners face inevitable wear and tear over the years so it is important to address this.


5. Letting in the light


Fitting windows in dark rooms is an easy and cost-efficient way to expand the space in your

home without spending a fortune.


6. Small kitchen improvements


Fully refurbishing your kitchen is pricey and can take time. But small things can make a big difference. Pick out the most notable places to improve your kitchen, whether it is a new floor, cooker or cupboard doors, and replace these, rather than the full unit.


7. Take on your own handy-work


There is a huge amount of DIY advice online or in guide-books. Don’t be afraid to pick up the tools yourself to fix small damages around the house – but be careful, anything too heavy or difficult should require a professional.


8. Lick of paint 


Painting the walls in your home really does give a fresh and clean feeling and will reduce the appearance of wear and tear. A tired home gives the impression that a new buyer is likely to spend a lot of their own time and money bringing it up to scratch so may encourage them to lower their offer.